Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I took the time to go back to Montana this Fathers Day to spend it with my dad. In my normal busy, chaotic world, I never seem to make the time for things like that. I think this is the first time I've ever gone back to just spend a day like that with my dad.

As we get older, and our parents get older, for some of us (like me), I think it occurs to us that time is running out. My dad will be 76 this year, and although his health is still pretty good, it puts things in perspective.

I took off a few hours early on Friday afternoon, but didn't get out of town until 5 p.m. I ended up driving halfway there, and then stopping for the night and sleeping in my truck at a rest stop. I woke up at 430 their time, 330 our time, and knew I couldn't go back to sleep so I headed out again. I did take time to do some photography, and managed to get to my dads about 11 that morning. He was not aware that I was showing up, so when I got there, he wasn't home. When I called him and asked where he was, it quickly dawned on him that he needed to be home. Surprises like that are so much fun.

We spent the afternoon just chatting about different things, and then I took him and his wife out for dinner. The food was wonderful and I was completely exhausted by the time we got back. I slept until almost 9 that next morning, and only woke up because he needed help with my animals. I always sleep so well at his house, because the air is cooler, and the elevation is much higher, so I go right to sleep and will get a good 8 hours or more before I get up. I spent the morning with them at church and then had lunch and headed home. It was about 8 that night when I got home, but even with all the driving, it was worth every bit of the trip. I hope I can find the time next year to do this again, as it was a trip well spent.

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