Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tomorrow is our "first big day" for serving down at City Gate. I'm excited and yet, very anxious, all at the same time. I know in my heart God has big plans for me, as well as my church, in regards to this ministry and that all of this is in His plan and in His hands. God has gotten me off to a great start with a "very large" donation of used clothing and blankets that will be given out in the up coming fall and winter months, and I am very gracious for the giving that has taken place so far. I am in the process of putting together a flyer that I hope can be distributed to area offices where I work, as well as any places I may go along the way this summer. Only God knows what direction He wants this ministry to go, and if what I feel in my heart says anything, then the sky is the limit...Because with God, there are "NO LIMITATIONS". Thank you Father for all you have done and plan to do with this ministry!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

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