Friday, June 26, 2009


My newest Flyer: God has really been providing me new ways to reach others, that I would have never thought of without Him. My newest Flyer was made to pass out to others in an effort to network "the homeless ministry" that I am working on right now. I put this together yesterday and on my way home, passed it out to several people who ride the bus with me. One lady let me know that as soon as she had sorted out her stuff at home, that she would bring the items she had to our bus stop, and I could load them directly into my vehicle, without having to worry about carrying them home on the bus. Plus I got to share the story of why I am doing this, and what God has been doing to promote this ministry, with another lady on the bus just that morning. The cool part is knowing others are hearing you tell your story and in that small space of time, they are being ministered to without them even realizing it. Who knows what God might do with this little piece of paper,l if its shared with others. I kept it simple enough to be able to post it at work, but also added the part about possibly using some of the donations, as part of the City Gate ministry at my church. 2 Flyer's, with 2 separate purposes, and the thought that God can do wonderful things, with something as simple as a piece of paper. I am going to make more copies to pass out along the way as I go to yard sales over the weekend. If they see that their left over goods will be put to a good purpose, and they can get me to come and pick them up, then it will make the donation all the better for the person donating it. God is really stepping up my boldness, as I submitted a letter to our mayor yesterday with a request to be able to share this with departments in the city. I'm hoping to promote other departments desires to give back to the city, and in turn, help those in need when they need it the most. I know the email was read, but have yet to get a response, so I guess only time will tell. Knowing God is in control of this ministry helps me to be more patient, knowing He can open doors if He wants them opened!! In the meantime, I will continue to share my flyers with others around me, and wait to see what happens.... God is Good!!!

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Mel said...

Great flyer, Katrena! May it bear much fruit! :)